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The Big Life:  Find Your Confidence, Live Your Dreams and Get Everything You Ever Wanted On Your Terms
Author: Shoket, Ann
Publisher: Rodale Books
Age: Adult  LC: BF637.S4  Dewey: 158.1 
ISBN-10: 1623368243  ISBN-13: 9781623368241  Brodart No: 116241489 
Language: English 
Demand: Hot  Print Run: 100000 
Pub Date: 03/14/2017
Availability: Available
List: $24.99
Physical Description: 256 pages ; 22 cm LCCN: 2017007671 
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TIPS Subjects: Psychology/Self-Help
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LC Subjects: Conduct of life
Self-acceptance in women
Self-actualization (Psychology)
Self-realization in women
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ONIX annotations | 07/17/2017
"Ann has always seen the power and potential in young women. The Big Life helps make all our dreams closer than ever."-Lauren Conrad , designer and New York Times bestselling author of Lauren Conrad Celebrate "The Big Life is a guide for women in their 20s and 30s who are hungry for a job they love, a supportive network of friends, respect from their bosses,and partners who want all those things for them as badly as they do." - The New York Times Millennial women are changing what it means to be powerful and successful in the world-for everyone. Forever. You want The Big Life-that delicious cocktail of passion, career, work, ambition, respect, money, and a monumental relationship. And you want it on your own terms. Forget climbing some corporate ladder, you want a career with twists and turns and adventure. For you, success only matters if it's meaningful . Ann Shoket knows the evolving values of young women more than anyone. She's the voice behind the popular Badass Babes community, a sisterhood of young, hungry, ambitious women who are helping each other through the most complex issues around becoming who you're meant to be. As the trailblazing editor-in-chief of Seventeen for the better part of a decade, Shoket led provocative conversations that helped young women navigate the tricky terrain of adolescence and become smart, confident, self-assured young women. Now that they are adding muscle to the frame work of their lives, she's continuing the conversation with The Big Life . The Big Life is packed with actionable guidance combined with personal advice from high-profile millennial women who have already achieved tremendous success, plus intimate conversations with a cast of compelling characters and Shoket's own stories on her quest for The Big Life . You'll learn to tackle all of the issues on heavy rotation in your mind such as:· How to craft a career that's also a passion.· How to get respect from a boss who thinks you're a lazy, entitled, and self-obsessed millennial· Why you need a "squad" of people who support you as you build your Big Life· How a side hustle will make you smarter, hotter, and more in control of your destiny.· Why work/life balance is a sham and your need to embrace the mess.· How to find a partner whose eyes light up when you talk about your ambition. Written in Shoket's friendly and authoritative style, The Big Life will help you recognize your power, tap into your ambition, and create your own version of The Big Life.
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Booklist | 02/15/2017
For readers who are eager to make a mark on the world, Shoket, author of several Seventeen beauty and style guides as well as the magazine's former editor in chief, has plenty of tips. Stemmed from her own drive to not only succeed but to live life to the fullest, Shoket's self-help guidebook for millennial women, in particular, provides a steady reading journey on how to get it all: the dream job, the supportive significant other, and the money to support a fabulous lifestyle. It's jam-packed with fun and effective do-it-yourself must-tries, including hosting a "badass babes dinner" (consisting of good food, fun playlists, and conversation that gets participants thinking: "What's my passion project?"), along with tips from other women to help sort out the hard stuff (like if your job isn't eager to support your growth, it's time to move on). With a friendly tone and avid advice, this quick read will have readers amped up for that new life path faster than it takes to turn the page. YA: Friendly, easy-to-read language and thought-provoking messages make this ideal for teens seeking positive advice for being the best they can be. CC. Chesanek, Carissa. 256p. AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, c2017.