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Putin's Gambit:  A Novel
Author: Dobbs, Lou CoAuthor: Born, James O.
Publisher: Forge Parent Publisher: Tor Books
Age: Adult  LC: PS3604.O 
ISBN-10: 0765376520  ISBN-13: 9780765376527  Brodart No: 117627321 
Language: English 
Demand: Hot 
Pub Date: 06/20/2017
Availability: Available
List: $26.99
Physical Description: 352 pages ; 25 cm LCCN: BD17160007 
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TIPS Subjects: Suspense/Thriller SEARS Subjects:
LC Subjects: Conspiracies, Fiction
International relations, Fiction
Terrorism, Fiction
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ONIX annotations | 11/15/2016
From TV broadcaster Lou Dobbs and award-winning author James O. Born comes Putin's Gambit, an international financial thriller about a KGB plot to use a series of terrorist attacks as cover for a Russian military incursion into Estonia. Adjusting to civilian life has not been easy for former Marine Derek Walsh. As he navigates a brutal job on Wall Street and a challenging romance, he wonders if he could be doing more with his life. When an inexplicable $200 million dollar money transfer is made on his computer, he is thrust into the world of international terror, and the global economy is knocked off its hinges. On the other side of the Atlantic, a dangerous alliance has formed. Radical Islamists and Russian extremists have set the wheels in motion for Russia to assert its power in Europe. The US President has proven to be weak on foreign policy, the military is stretched too thin, and Vladimir Putin judges this to be the time for Russia to regain its Soviet Empire. Troops mass on the Estonian border, waiting for the order to move. The FBI believes Walsh was involved in the money transfer, and a group of Russians are intent on killing him. As New Yorkers are outraged upon learning of the illegal money transfer, and the world economy crashes after a series of terrorist attacks, Walsh and his Marine buddies are the only ones that can keep the world from spinning off its axis.
 Journal Reviews
Publishers Weekly | 04/03/2017
In the uneven second collaboration between TV pundit Dobbs and former DEA agent Born (after 2014's Border War), Vladimir Putin orchestrates an alliance with Islamic State jihadists, whose barbarous acts of terror will serve as a distraction for a Russian military attack on Estonia. Meanwhile, Derek Walsh, a Wall Street currency trader and former Marine, is implicated in a multimillion-dollar transfer to terrorists that destabilizes the stock market. Chased by the FBI and the KGB sleeper agent who framed him, Derek seeks help from his former Marine colleagues: Mike Rosenberg, now a CIA analyst, and Bill Shepherd, a Marine officer stationed in Germany and attached to NATO. Shepherd is coincidentally involved with Fannie Legat, a French Muslim terrorist who disburses the stolen money and accompanies the scouting mission for the Estonian incursion. Such improbable connections strain credulity. Derek's subplot is a rollicking and tense adventure that recalls the early works of John Grisham, but the invasion story line lacks urgency. Agent: Wayne S. Kabak, WSK Management. (June). 352p. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, c2017.