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  1 Football Hero
Author: Green, Tim
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Class: Fiction
Age: 8-12
Language: English
Demand: Average
LC: PZ7.G826
Grade: 3-7
ISBN-13: 9780061122743
LCCN: 2007024184
Imprint: HarperCollins
Pub Date: 04/22/2008
Availability: Available
List: $16.99
Physical Description: 297 p. ; 24 cm. H 9", W 6", D 1.01", 1.19 lbs.
LC Series:
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TIPS Subjects: Sports Stories
Family Life
BISAC Subjects: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General
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JUVENILE FICTION / Sports & Recreation / Football
LC Subjects: Brothers, Fiction
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Family life, New Jersey, Juvenile fiction
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New Jersey, Juvenile fiction
New York (N.Y.), Fiction
New York (N.Y.), Juvenile fiction
SEARS Subjects: Brothers, Fiction
Family life, New Jersey, Fiction
Football, Fiction
Mafia, Fiction
New Jersey, Fiction
New York (N.Y.), Fiction
Reading Programs: Accelerated Reader Level: 5.1 , Points: 9.0
Lexile Level: 840
Brodart's TOP Young Adult Titles | 05/01/2008
Ty Lewis aches to prove his undeniable talent on the football field, but instead is trapped into scrubbing bathrooms after school for Uncle Gus' cleaning service. When Ty's brother Thane is recruited out of college to play for the New York Jets, their Uncle Gus uses Ty to get insider information for his gambling ring, landing Ty and Thane in trouble with the Mafia. 304pp Grade Range: 3-7; Age Range: 8-12; Dewey: (F) ISBN 10-Digit: 0061122742 ISBN; 13-Digit: 9780061122743. BRODART CO., c2008.
Starred Reviews:
~Kliatt (Retired Journal) | 03/01/2008
In this Cinderfella story of sorts, Ty, age 12, has lived with his nasty uncle and aunt (they make him use an outdoor Porta Potti!) ever since his parents died in an accident. His speed and skills on the football field are making him a star on his school team, despite the attempts of a jealous bully to bring him down, but Ty faces even bigger troubles. His uncle puts him to work scrubbing toilets, including one at a bar where his uncle places bets with a scary mobster nicknamed Lucy. When Lucy learns that Ty's brother is the famous football player Thane, who's about to be signed up by the NY Jets, he hatches a scheme to make money from inside knowledge about players' injuries he wants Ty to obtain from Thane. When everything goes wrong, Ty must come up with a plan of his own to save his beloved brother. Green, a former star linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons, of course nails the exciting football action and behind-the-scenes information. This is even better than his previous YA novel, 'Football Genius, with lots of fast-moving action and suspense. It's sure to be a hit with middle school and junior high sports fans, who will root for stoic but plucky Ty and rejoice in the happy ending. Paula Rohrlick, KLIATT. 304pg. KLIATT, c2008.
Journal Reviews
Horn Book Guide | 11/01/2008
(4) Twelve-year-old Ty Lewis finds himself embroiled in an illegal gambling scheme when his guardian convinces him to crib injury reports from his older brother, a rookie for the New York Jets. Soon Ty finds federal agents and mobsters interested in his information. The premise is a stretch, but the story is suspenseful and doesn't shy away from football's seamier side. CHS. 297pg. THE HORN BOOK, c2008.
Kirkus Reviews | 04/01/2008
Instantly gripping, this fast-paced middle-grade thriller set in the worlds of football and professional gambling, puts its 12-year-old protagonist, Ty Lewis, between a rock and a hard place and then proceeds to squeeze. Ty, whose older brother Thane plays college football, has recently lost his parents and now lives with his crass, angry Uncle Gus, who runs a cleaning service that uses Ty and his cousin as its labor force. Gus also has a gambling problem, and one of his accounts is a bar run by a Mafia operative named 'Lucy.' These worlds collide when Thane is drafted into the NFL, and Uncle Gus sees an opportunity to use Ty to get inside information for Lucy's gambling operation. This, coupled with Ty's own football challenges, keep the tension level high and the pages flipping furiously. Ty has one, maybe even two, too many obstacles to overcome, and Thane is such a paragon of goodness that it almost defies reality, but these are minor quibbles in a work that is sure to have a great many fans. (Fiction. 8-12). 304pg. VNU EMEDIA, c2008.
School Library Journal | 06/01/2008
Gr 5-8--In this novel by a former NFL star, middle schooler Ty Lewis is going through a tough time following the death of his parents. He has been taken in by his aunt and uncle, but they treat him badly, dressing him in hand-me-downs, making him sleep on a mattress on the floor of the laundry room, and forcing him to use a portable toilet in the backyard even though there is a bathroom in the house. Ty is having problems at school as well, where his appearance, social status, and bookishness lead to his being bullied. Through all his troubles, he is buoyed by his faith in his older brother, who is an All-American college football player soon to sign a lucrative pro contract. Ty has his own dreams of football glory after being recruited by the middle school coach, who has noticed that Ty is the fastest boy in the sixth grade. His plans are derailed, however, when his uncle makes him work after school in his cleaning business. After Thane signs his pro contract, Uncle Gus's organized-crime associates press Ty for inside information on injured players on Thane's team, which he innocently supplies. This gets both brothers in trouble with the FBI, but they cooperate with authorities and all ends well. While there are some implausible elements (including Ty's overpowering a crowbar-wielding mafia hitman), the novel is briskly paced and undemanding, and might be a good bet for sports-minded reluctant readers.--Richard Luzer, Fair Haven Union High School, VT. 297pg. CAHNERS PUBLISHING, c2008.
VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates Magazine) | 08/01/2008
3Q 4P M J. In this follow-up to his bestselling debut novel, Football Genius (HarperTeen, 2008/VOYA August 2007), former NFL player Green manages to squeeze such diverse elements as the Mafia, illegal gambling, middle school relationships, toilet-cleaning, and of course, football into one highly readable and fast-paced story. His singular insight into the world of professional football, especially the activities that take place behind the scenes, provides realistic detail that enhances the dramatic story line. Ty is the younger brother of college football star Thane 'Tiger' Lewis. Forced by the death of his parents to live with his grudging Uncle Gus and Aunt Virginia, Ty must learn to cope with a life of drudgery and mind-numbing sameness. Working for Uncle Gus's cleaning business keeps Ty from developing his own newfound love of football. When Tiger is drafted by the New York Jets, Uncle Gus attempts to cash in on the brothers' relationship, first by proposing opening a sports bar, and then by introducing Ty to Lucy, one of his mafia-connected clients. Adding to the tension is Ty's antagonistic encounters with Calvin West, the handsome, wealthy bully whose cheap shots on and off the field jeopardize Ty's chances at playing football. The contrasts between Ty's life when he is with Tiger and when he is not are so extreme that they diminish the believability of the story. Furthermore many characters lack complexity-they are either unredeemably awful or heroically good. Ty's football ability seems to be almost miraculous, further straining the reader's credulity. Despite these few shortcomings, the moral choices faced by the hero are heart-wrenchingly realistic, while the detailed description of the world surrounding the life of a professional football player will appeal to the many fans of the sport.-Kathy Starks. 298pg. VOICE OF YOUTH ADVOCATES, c2008.