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  1 The Fearless
Author: Pass, Emma
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Class: Fiction
Age: 14-19
Language: English
LC: PZ7.P269
Grade: 9-12
ISBN-13: 9780385744478
LCCN: 2014031650
Imprint: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Pub Date: 04/14/2015
Availability: Out of Print Confirmed
List: $17.99
Physical Description: 353 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm H 8.52", W 5.75", D 1.12", 1.025 lbs.
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Awards: Horn Book Guide Titles, Rated 1 - 4
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TIPS Subjects: Fantasy
BISAC Subjects: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / General
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / General
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Social Themes / Violence
LC Subjects: Brothers and sisters, Fiction
Brothers and sisters, Juvenile fiction
Government, Resistance to, Fiction
Government, Resistance to, Juvenile fiction
JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Violence
Science fiction
Soldiers, Fiction
Soldiers, Juvenile fiction
Survival, Fiction
Survival, Juvenile fiction
SEARS Subjects: Resistance to government, Fiction
Science fiction
Siblings, Fiction
Soldiers, Fiction
Survival skills, Fiction
Reading Programs: Accelerated Reader Level: 5 , Points: 13.0
Lexile Level: 760
Brodart's TOP Young Adult Titles | 04/01/2015
No one may enter Hope Island…and no one may leave. Seven years after the Fearless spread the serum that devoured their own humanity, Cass must leave Hope Island to rescue her kidnapped brother after a security breech. 368pp.
Journal Reviews
Booklist | 03/01/2015
Grades 10-12. The scientists who invented neurophyxil had only the best intentions; the drug was supposed to cure soldiers of PTSD. But instead, it removed any trace of terror, giving rise to the Fearless, a horde of zombie-like supersoldiers bent on destruction. Unlike typical zombies, however, the Fearless are smart, and they've developed a fast-acting version of the drug, which they use to forcefully convert humans to their ranks. When Cass is 10, her father is taken by the Fearless just as she and her pregnant mother escape to privately owned Hope Island. Seven years later, Cass' story picks up, and it's here that the action really begins. In alternating viewpoints, Cass and a cadre of other teens narrate their life on the Patrol. After spending seven years isolated from the rest of the world in relative safety, the teens are eager to find out what life is like on the mainland following the invasion. Smart zombies are truly terrifying, and Pass' take on the dystopian genre will keep fans, particularly fans of horror, on the hook. Comfort, Stacey. 368p. AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, c2015.
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books | 06/01/2015
R. Gr. 9-12. In the wake of a drug trial gone wrong, waves of the Fearless, silver-eyed humans with super-strength and no emotions, sweep across the world turning more people into Fearless and killing those they can't alter. Seven years later, seventeen-year-old Cass Hollencroft and her best friend Sol Brightman grow restless on the tiny English island where survivors have eked out a meager but safe existence. Then Myo, a teen from the outside, breaches the island's defenses, and then two Fearless kidnap Cass' little brother. Desperate to save him, Cass teams up with Myo, and they escape the island and begin a cross-country trip in pursuit. Meanwhile, Sol joins a mainland team of soldiers bent on destroying the Fearless at any cost. When their paths cross again in the heart of Fearless territory, dangerous secrets are revealed, loyalties old and new are tested, and the teens realize that the monster may not be what gets you in the end. Bleak but compelling, this fast-paced survivor story offers a refreshing take on the plague-apocalypse tale. The plot is well paced to ramp up the sense of desperation right into a series of nail-biting final conflicts. Cass is the primary focus, but the book's shifting narrative structure allows insight into hidden motivations and moves the story beyond a simple humans versus the monster conflict, especially as Myo's and Sol's secret pasts link them to the supposed enemy. Readers need to pay close attention to chapter headings to know who is narrating, since there is no discernible difference in voice, but ultimately the draw of this novel is the story, which will make it a strong option for fans of Yancy's The 5th Wave (BCCB 9/13) and Kizer's A Matter of Days (BCCB 10/13). AM. 354p. THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE UNIV. OF ILLINOIS, c2015.
Horn Book Guide | 11/01/2015
4. An anti-PTSD drug creates the violent Fearless, whose Invasion leads Cass and family to escape to isolationist Hope Island. Seven years later, her brother is kidnapped and Cass embarks on a rescue mission with secretive stranger Myo, to childhood friend Sol's dismay. Though multiple points of view lack distinction, this intense dystopian novel interestingly shows the events leading to society's collapse. sf. 354pg. THE HORN BOOK, c2015.
Kirkus Reviews | 02/01/2015
12-17. Society falls after an attempted cure for PTSD manifests terrible side effects.When Cass was 10, the military administered a wonder drug to prevent PTSD that eliminated not only anxiety, but also fear itself. But the Fearless then lost their consciences, and enemies obtained the drug to create a concentrated dose. A Fearless invasion begins; they inject anyone they catch. Cass is a lucky one, taken by a wealthy neighbor to a private island where survivors create a small, insular society. After this intense first act, the book's pacing slows, and the main plot begins. Seven years later, Cass dodges her childhood best friend's affections before developing a connection to a new boy, Myo, who sneaked onto the island. Then some Fearless abduct Cass' baby brother from the island, leading Cass and Myo on an off-island rescue mission during which Cass learns that much of what she's been told since the collapse of society is a lie. She encounters fellow survivors, the Fearless and a paramilitary group trying to rebuild society as she tries to save her brother. Occasional chapters from Myo's viewpoint elaborate on his own mission. The leads lack chemistry, creating a rote, obligatory-feeling relationship, and character motivations and the drug's rules both bend to the plot's requirements. The abrupt ending isn't a cliffhanger but doesn't rule out a sequel. Post-apocalyptic paint-by-numbers. (Post-apocalyptic adventure. 12-17). 368pg. KIRKUS MEDIA LLC, c2015.
Publishers Weekly | 02/02/2015
Ages 14-up. Civilization ended after a drug intended to cure PTSD turned those who took it into aggressive monsters intent on converting or killing the rest of humanity. Seven years after society's fall, 17-year-old Cass ekes out a meager existence with other survivors on an island refuge. Everything changes after the Fearless sneak onto Hope Island and kidnap Cass's younger brother. Breaking a fundamental rule of her home, Cass journeys to the British mainland on a rescue mission; her sole ally is Myo, a mysterious young man who claims to be from another colony of survivors. Cass and Myo grow close, but their secrets may tear them apart as they contend both with the Fearless and with the Magpies, a military organization dedicated to ending the Fearless scourge. Pass (ACID) creates a vivid post-apocalyptic world, subverting several familiar zombie tropes (while her Fearless are intent on spreading their condition, they're more coordinated and intelligent than the typical shambling hordes). However, the meandering plot suffers from predictability and a lack of focus, and Cass's developing romance feels overly engineered. Agent: Carolyn Whitaker, London Independent Books. (Apr.). 368p. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, c2015.
School Library Journal | 01/01/2015
Gr 7 Up. Cass was just a kid when the invasion happened. The whole world was taken over and conquered by "the fearless"--unstoppable humans who feel no pain, have no feelings. At first, the serum was thought to be revolutionary--something to give to soldiers to do away with their PTSD symptoms. However, after rushing to give the serum to every soldier in every country on Earth, the creators soon realized that Neurophyxil caused side effects that no one expected. Unparalleled strength along with a loss of humanity, soon the fearless took over every country on Earth. Cass escaped with her pregnant mother to Hope Island, a safe haven purchased by the father of Cass's best friend, Sol. Fast forward to the present: Cass's baby brother Jori is now seven years old and Cass is 17. She's annoyed by Sol's affection for her, and now everyone on the island is up in arms because a boy her age named Myo has come from the mainland. That's when everything goes wrong. Jori is captured by a fearless who somehow made it on to the island. With no support from her community or Sol, Cass is forced to trust the one person she's not sure she can--Myo. This is a fun and fast read that will appeal to lovers of zombie invasions as well as books that feature strong females in a dystopian setting. Though the story feels familiar, it's action-packed and the characters are developed enough to keep readers interested. There is some graphic violence, but it is not gratuitous and is crucial to the story and building of suspense. Give to those who enjoyed Carrie Ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth(Random, 2009) but be ready to hear groans from readers when they reach the cliff-hanger ending. Traci Glass, Eugene Public Library, OR. 368p. SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, c2015.
VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates Magazine) | 06/01/2015
4Q 4P S. Dystopian young adult novels with strong female heroines abound at the moment, but Pass's second novel should not be overlooked. A drug originally developed by the military to eliminate the fear response has the unfortunate side effect of turning its recipients into superhuman fighting machines without empathy. "The Fearless," as the recipients are called, quickly hijack the serum and take over, attacking people and injecting them to "alter" them. Cass watches this happen to her father when her family tries to escape the invasion that sweeps across the British mainland. She is able to flee to nearby Hope Island, where she raises her brother, Jori. A society of survivors emerges with a regimented set of rules and governing officials. When the Fearless are able to break through the patrol on the island, they kidnap Jori. Cass convinces an interloper named Myo to lead her to the mainland in order to track him down. She soon realizes that Myo has his own secret and there is more to the mainland and the Fearless than she was aware. While end-of-the-world story lines are popular, Pass's novel still stands out. The Fearless are not run-of-the-mill zombies that refuse to die. They have their own society that Cass soon learns about when she travels with Myo, who turns out to be her love interest. There are obvious similarities in Cass's character to Katniss from The Hunger Games series. Myo, on the other hand, is not a typical hero. He has his own story that unfolds as they travel. The sparks between Cass and Myo are palpable, and the attraction is well written. The violence is pretty raw and not for the faint of heart. The ending is gripping and exciting and will leave readers wanting more.--Victoria Vogel. 368p. VOICE OF YOUTH ADVOCATES, c2015.