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  1 Crazy Love You: A Novel
Author: Unger, Lisa
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Class: Fiction
Age: Adult
Language: English
LC: PS3621.N
Print Run: 125000
ISBN-13: 9781451691207
LCCN: 2014009225
Imprint: Touchstone
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pub Date: 02/10/2015
Availability: Out of Stock Indefinitely
List: $25.99
Physical Description: pages ; cm H 9", W 6", D 1", 1.14 lbs.
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TIPS Subjects: Suspense/Thriller
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BISAC Subjects: FICTION / Literary
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LC Subjects: Friendship, Fiction
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Brodart's TOP Adult Titles | 10/01/2014
Ever since Ian and his best friend, Priss, were little, Priss has been a dark soul with a penchant for trouble. No longer picked on by bullies, though still determined to hide his family's dark secrets, graphic novelist Ian falls for a woman named Megan, prompting Priss, who abhors change, to take dangerous action. 352pp., 125K, Auth res: Clearwater, FL
Starred Reviews:
Booklist | 12/01/2014
Ian is an overweight, very unhappy little boy growing up in the Hollows, a small town in upstate New York that is as creepy as it sounds. His mother has killed his baby sister during a severe bout of postpartum depression and is confined to an institution. Ian grows up bullied and prone to bouts of explosive anger; his only solace is a young girl named Priss, who shows up in his yard one day and befriends him--and later defends him. Fast-forward to Ian's successful life as a graphic artist in New York City, where he is struggling with drugs and alcohol and a toxic relationship with Priss. Then he meets Megan, a young woman from a fine family, and they fall in love. Ian wants to be a better person for Megan, and he decides to stop using drugs. Megan wants to meet Priss, but Ian can't let that happen. Priss is very jealous and keeps moving in and out of his life, leaving all sorts of damage in her wake. As the narrative weaves back and forth between Ian's childhood and his adulthood, and his relationships with Megan and with Priss, the story becomes more entangled and more riveting. Is Priss real, imaginary, or a ghost? Does Ian have anger issues, or is it Priss doing all the damage? This is a complex, intricate story, yet the pages fly by as Ian, the most unreliable narrator since Nick Dunne in Gone Girl, leads us on a wild ride in this superb psychological thriller. Unger is at the top of her game here. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Tale of the tape: Unger's books have sold 1.7 million copies and been translated into 26 languages; her latest will arrive with full print and online marketing support. Alesi, Stacy. 352. AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, c2014.
Library Journal | 01/01/2015
Ian Paine is a successful graphic novelist, but as a child, his life was filled with heartbreak and turmoil. From his beloved mother's descent into madness to the merciless bullying he endured at the hands of his classmates, life dealt Ian a difficult hand. But when a young girl named Priss arrived in town, she became his loyal defender and his close friend. Now an adult, Ian can't turn his back on Priss, even though his friendship with her has taken a destructive turn, drawing him into a life of drinking and pill popping. When he falls in love with the kind and caring Megan, Ian resolves to free himself of his drug habit, but Priss makes it clear that she isn't going to let go. VERDICT Unger's skillful portrayal of complex and traumatized characters make her latest psychological thriller (after In the Blood) one that will keep readers engaged from start to finish. Fans of mystery and suspense, along with Unger aficionados, will enjoy this imaginative tale, which may be the author's best work yet. [See Prepub Alert, 8/11/14.]. Linda Oliver, MLIS, Colorado Springs. 352p. LIBRARY JOURNAL, c2015.
Journal Reviews
Kirkus Reviews | 12/15/2014
Unger takes her loyal readers back to The Hollows, a creepy town about 100 miles from New York City, in this tale of love gone awry.Ian Paine writes and illustrates graphic novels and has become quite a success. His series--Fatboy and Priss--chronicles the adventures of a nerdy outcast and his gorgeous, red-haired avenger, the amoral Priss, who makes certain that no slight to Fatboy goes unpunished. Originally from The Hollows, where otherworldly events are common, Ian was the original Fatboy. He led a miserable life after his mother lost her grip on reality and smothered his baby sister, then led him to the bathtub, perhaps planning to drown him. Escaping from his mom, Ian ran into the woods, where he met Priss, a strange child with red hair; as time passed, she became his only friend. Ian was the school joke, but with weight loss and artistic success, he eventually made a new life for himself in the city. Now he's fallen in love with a woman named Megan, and she's accepted his proposal of marriage. But when his editor tells him it's time to kill off Fatboy and Priss and start another series, he finds that Priss, who has both haunted and defended him, isn't going to go without a fight, and that fight can get very, very ugly. Though fans may wonder why, given its history, anyone would live in The Hollows, the big question for readers will be whether or not Priss is real or simply a manifestation of a disturbed young man's imagination. Unger's complex novel can at times get a little confusing, with the action constantly shifting from place to place and back and forth in time, but Unger knows what her fans like and scores another bull's eye with this one. Classic Unger and a surefire hit with her followers. 352pg. KIRKUS MEDIA LLC, c2014.
Library Journal Prepub Alert | 08/11/2014
Even when Priss was the one real friend Ian had in childhood, protecting him from bullies and his dark family secrets, he felt a certain creepiness in her presence. Now, they've both escaped their small upstate town for the big city, and Ian is a successful graphic artist, tired of Priss's obsessiveness and their late-night sex, booze, and drugs. He'd like to get it on with lovely Megan, but will Priss let him? After last spring's In the Blood, which got lots of USA Today and People stars. Hoffert, Barbara. 352p. LIBRARY JOURNAL, c2014.
Publishers Weekly | 11/10/2014
Bestseller Unger's suspenseful fourth Hollows thriller (after 2014's In the Blood) focuses on Ian Paine, a graphic novelist in New York City, who draws on his unhappy childhood growing up in the Hollows, N.Y., for his successful series Fatboy and Priss. Fatboy was the name Ian was called by the schoolmates who viciously tormented him; Priss was his only friend, a girl who wrought revenge on anyone who hurt Ian. When Ian begins a relationship with Megan, a beautiful, caring woman, the resentful Priss sets out to lure Ian back into the destructive patterns he developed before meeting Megan--patterns that included long work sessions followed by heavy drinking and drug use. Ian is soon keeping company with inappropriate companions and engaging in promiscuous sex and various crimes. The tug-of-war between the two women to gain control of Ian will keep readers hooked, but some will find the lengthy ending unsatisfying. Agent: Elaine Markson, Markson Thoma Literary Agency. (Feb.). 352p. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, c2014.