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You Can Trust Me:  A Novel
Author: McKenzie, Sophie
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Age: Adult  LC: PR6113.C 
ISBN-10: 1250033993  ISBN-13: 9781250033994  Brodart No: 109227131 
Language: English 
Print Run: 35000 
Pub Date: 04/14/2015
Availability: Out of Stock Indefinitely
List: $24.99
Physical Description: 326 pages ; 25 cm LCCN: 2014040747 
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Brodart's TOP Adult Titles | 01/01/2015
Could the man who killed Livy's sister nearly two decades ago be responsible for Livy's best friend's alleged suicide? Livy's search for the killer soon makes her question everyone from her husband's boss to her own deceitful husband. 304pp., 35K, Auth res: London, UK
 Journal Reviews
Booklist | 02/15/2015
Will had an affair and lucky Livy, Will's wife, gets to meet the ex-mistress at Will's holiday work party. She's stressing about it and ignores her best friend Julia's texts that night. Livy and Julia have been friends for 18 years, since Livy's sister Kara was murdered walking home from a college party. They have plans for lunch the next day, but when Livy gets there, she finds Julia dead on the sofa. The police rule it a suicide, but Livy isn't buying it. Then Livy meets Julia's secret boyfriend, and they team up to try to figure out what really happened. They delve into Julia's life, and Livy is shocked to learn that Julia was obsessed with Kara's unresolved murder and had never given up trying to find her killer. Interspersed throughout the book are first-person chapters written by the murderer, allowing us to see how he evolves into a serial killer. Almost every person in Julia's life becomes a suspect at one point or another, but the ending is a bit of a stretch in this suburban UK nightmare. Alesi, Stacy. 336p. AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, c2015.
Kirkus Reviews | 02/15/2015
Children's-book author McKenzie follows her first adult novel (Close My Eyes, 2013) with another intense thriller. Livy's best friend, Julia, both texts and calls her, saying that she needs to speak to her right away, but Livy ignores her pleas. Livy's having issues of her own: She's about to attend an office party with her husband, Will, where she's going to have to meet Catrina, a woman Will had an affair with six years earlier. Livy almost left Will when she found out about the affair, but she stayed for the kids--sweet-natured Zack and the selfish, incredibly annoying Hannah. Livy became best friends with Julia following the murder of Livy's younger sister, Kara, who had been Julia's good friend, and now Julia, a single freelance journalist, is Hannah's godmother. When Livy and the kids go to Julia's house and find her dead of an apparent overdose of Nembutal and alcohol, the day after Livy didn't respond to her messages, she becomes convinced that Julia was murdered. When her investigation shows Julia's life was both happy and fulfilled and that she had been looking into Kara's killing, Livy becomes even more convinced that she's right. McKenzie employs two of the same techniques she used in Close My Eyes: She offers an alternate voice in the form of chapters narrated by the unnamed killer, talking about cruelty to the family cat and all the women he's killed in sometimes very explicit detail. She also alternates from present to past tense, depending upon which character tells the story, with the murderer speaking in the past and Livy's tale told in the present. The killer's story works best, with less self-conscious prose, but unlike authors who foreshadow so much that the reader knows the identity of the killer, McKenzie employs a light touch, surprising readers as they follow along. McKenzie ups her game in this one. 336pg. KIRKUS MEDIA LLC, c2015.
Library Journal | 03/01/2015
In her second psychological thriller for adults (after Close My Eyes), McKenzie sets Livy, a London housewife, on a disastrous course after her best friend Julia commits suicide, and she begins to suspect her husband may be cheating on her...again. Livy doesn't believe Julia killed herself, however, and learns that Julia may have been doing some digging into the murder of Livy's sister many years ago. What could she possibly have discovered? Livy turns amateur sleuth and, along with Julia's bereaved lover, follows a trail of bread crumbs that eventually leads uncomfortably close to home. VERDICT McKenzie keeps the pace mostly brisk, yet Livy's frequent emotional breakdowns are just annoying in the light of the risks she's willing to take, and some of the introspection seems forced. Red herrings abound and repetitive language bogs down the prose. However, the diary entries from the killer that are interspersed throughout are quite creepy. Ultimately, the mystery is intriguing, and readers will be eager to discover the murderer's identity. Fans of the first book will want to check this one out, but it probably won't win over any new ones. [Library marketing.]. Kristin Centorcelli, Denton, TX. 304p. LIBRARY JOURNAL, c2015.
Publishers Weekly | 02/16/2015
Set in Exeter, England, this psychological thriller from British author McKenzie (Close My Eyes) starts out strong, but too many unlikely situations dilute the plot's impact. Livy Jackson is devastated when she finds Julia Dryden, her eldest child's godmother, dead in her friend's apartment. The two women became close 18 years earlier, following the murder of Livy's sister, Kara Small, when Kara was a college student. The police rule Julia's death a suicide, which her estranged mother and her twin brother, Robbie, easily accept. Livy's doubts that her flamboyant, energetic friend would take her own life are reinforced when she's contacted by Julia's boyfriend, Damian Burton, who claims that Julia finally discovered the identity of Kara's murderer. Livy develops an unlikely friendship with Damian, whom she meets after Julia's funeral. Meanwhile, every man in Livy's life, including her husband, Will, who has a history of infidelity, seems a potential killer. A weak denouement doesn't help. Agent: Zoe Pagnamenta, Zoe Pagnamenta Agency. (Apr.). 336p. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, c2015.